Pass the Bomb

The explosive Word Game. Players’ nerves are tested to the limit by the threat of the infernal ticking bomb as they struggle to find a word that includes the letters printed on the card.

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A mind blowing challenge

740190 Pass the Bomb Original Big Teaser.png

Pass the Bomb

This explosiv word game challenges your creativity and vocabulary.

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741791 Pass the bomb Junior Small Teaser.png

Pass the Bomb Junior

Think quickly of a word before the timer goes off.

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The explosive Word Game

The challenge is to make up valid words from the letters displayed on the cards and then pass the ticking bomb and the pressure on to the next player.

Don’t be the one holding the bomb when it goes off! Creativity, spontaneity and resilience are what´s required to win this cracker of a game!


The EXPLOSIVE word chain game

662614 Pass the bomb Chain Reaction Small Teaser.png

Pass the bomb Chain Reaction

TomatO - OxforD- DatE ... As soon as the bomb starts ticking, the chain reaction is triggered!

Ideal for travel

749797 Pass the Bomb Travel Small Teaser.png

Pass the Bomb Travel

The travel version is easy to carry around. The explosive fun to go.