For those who are looking for extraordinary and outstanding motives.

1000 pieces for long lasting puzzle fun! 
Puzzle size: 68 x 48 cm

Puzzle_RZ klein.jpg

Original Motifs

558443 Seerosentraum Teaser Small.png

Hobbies, pastimes and gift ideas

Cities & Attractions

553448 Karlskirche Wien Teaser Small.png

Popular spots from all over the world

Culinary delights

553547 Nussmix Teaser Small.png

Loads of enjoyment, piece by piece!


546549 Brauerei Teaser Small.png

Hours of puzzling fun!

Puzzle Roll

Puzzle Rolle tease sm.png

The perfect complement for a Piatnik puzzle! Roll up - store - take with you!


559242 Lewis - Eule Teaser Small.png

Connect the pieces from famous works of art

Christmas Puzzles

562242 Toy Factory Teaser Small.png

Cosy designs for Christmas time