Hello Dino

A jurassically-good memory game. The baby dinosaurs are in chaos- which baby belongs in which nest?

There’s a rattling sound coming from beneath the shell! The baby dinosaurs are starting to hatch. As they emerge from their shells, they start to explore, and they swap places. They’re causing chaos, so you’ll have to return them to their own nests!

But… which cheeky little dinosaur belongs in which nest? It takes brains to work this mess out! Prehistorians from five years onwards with an appreciation of colour and dinosaur nests will need to sort this age-old chaos out in a flash and collect the rewards for victory!


All five baby dinosaurs must be placed in the correct nest.

3D Dinosaurs

The game board is 3D so that the dinosaurs’ nesting places are raised. The board is divided into fifths, each with its own colour. Each fifth can accommdate two dinosaur eggs. The eggs are placed in five of the ten available spaces. It’s not at all easy to work out which dinosaur should be in which section! When the arrow arrow symbol is rolled, the transparent section of the game board is rotated and, hey presto! All dinosaurs are moved into another nest.


The dinosaur nest is a 3D boardgame where the baby dinosaurs roll around.

Junior Paleontologists look out!

In each turn, a young dinosaur researcher throws a coloured die. They can then make one of the following three moves: move an egg into the section of the colour rolled, move an egg out of the section of the colour rolled, or check the colour of a baby dinosaur in the section of the colour rolled.

If the latter move is made and the colours match, the researcher gets one of the five coveted dinosaur tiles in that colour. Stay alert and remember: which dinosaur is in which nest?


The aim is to use strategic dinosaur placement to be the first player to collect a baby dinosaur tile in each colour.

The dinosaur researcher with the best memory will be the first to collect a tile in each colour and will end the game as the winner.

Ideal for 2-4 players from the age of 5 onwards.

2 - 4